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5 best Linux file managers

5 best Linux file managers While most Linux distributions come with a GUI-based file manager, you may not be comfortable using them. As with most other things in Linux, if you don’t like what you get with a Distro, you can always download and use an alternative.  Here is a list of the five best Linux file managers. Dolphin This file manager is the default option that comes with the KDE Plasma Environment. It has several novel features, such as multiple tabs and split view to enable multiple folders at the same time. Users can drag and drop files between views to move or copy them. It also supports three view modes: a classic grid view of all the files, a more detailed view, and a tree view. Also, an integrated terminal lets users run commands on the current folder.  Dolphin is highly configurable and users can add plugins to adapt it to specific workflows. It also sports a git integration plugin to interact with git repositories or the Nextcloud plugin to synchronize your files online,

Apple and Google block NHS COVID-19 app update

 Apple and Google block NHS COVID-19 app update Apple and Google have blocked a new update to the NHS COVID-19 app on iOS and Android because it breaks rules about collecting location data. The new update to the contact-tracing app, which garnered much publicity last year due to its development back-and-forths, delayed launch, and ‘software glitches’, would have asked users to upload venue check-ins, thereby sharing location data. The update was set to be released to coincide with the reopening of outdoor hospitality venues in England, with pub gardens and terraces being allowed to welcome back guests on 12 April. If a person tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting a venue, other people who had also visited the place could be alerted of the possibility that they too might have contracted the virus. The NHS COVID-19 app must comply with the regulations due to it being based on the decentralised API model developed by Apple and Google, which stores the information collected through t