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Vodafone expands use of VMware’s full Telco Cloud Platform

 Vodafone expands use of VMware’s full Telco Cloud Platform Vodafone has extended its partnership with VMware to accelerate the roll-out of digital services, using one scaled platform for networks and IT systems, across Europe. This allows Vodafone to implement and manage new software, applications, and processes across any mobile infrastructure and any cloud. The first application for the common platform will be the provision of 5G standalone (5G SA), giving Vodafone the ability to automate and orchestrate new applications based on this technology in multiple countries at the same time. Vodafone said other new services will follow, like enriched voice services over data, the connection of many more Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and next-generation video conferencing and Virtual and Augmented Reality. With 5G SA at the core and in the cloud, Vodafone will offer customers dedicated slices of its high-speed network, quickly and on a large scale, to support critical applications requi