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How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch

 How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch Masks have made Face ID unlock for iPhone difficult, but fortunately, there is another option if you have an Apple Watch. Here's how to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch. Apple introduced this feature with iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 earlier this year and it's a fantastic option for anyone with an iPhone and Apple Watch. Using it keeps you secure while eliminating the hassle of punching in your passcode whenever Face ID doesn't work. You don't need the latest iPhone 13 or Apple Watch 7 for this feature, but due to the iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 software requirements, you must have an iPhone 6s or newer and an Apple Watch 3 or newer. As long as you check those boxes this feature is quick and easy to set up and use so let's get to it.  How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch Open Settings Select Face ID & Passcode Enter your passcode when the prompt appears Scroll down to Unlock with Apple Watch and tap on the toggle to

Best wireless headphones in 2021

 Best wireless headphones in 2021 The best wireless headphones package great sound, special features, and lengthy battery life into a convenient, cord-free design. On top of being the perfect companion for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, they also work well for laptop users, especially business travelers, remote workers, students, and anyone who loves using their portable PC as their main audio source. Laptops were designed to be taken anywhere and can be excellent productivity tools or entertainment consoles when hitting the road. Pairing your machine with some high-quality wireless headphones only enhances the listening experience. Sure, you can spend money on an elite gaming mouse. Maybe even a portable charger that’s powerful enough to juice up the laptop when an outlet isn’t available. But wireless headphones remain the wiser and more practical investment. The market is flooded with options and styles, from noise-cancellers to truly wireless buds. To make the decision