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Acer Chromebook 317 review

  Acer Chromebook 317 review The Acer Chromebook 317 is the world’s first-ever 17.3-inch Chrome OS laptop. When I first heard this, I thought, “Why?” Is there a target audience of Chromebook lovers who’ve been beseeching the gods for an unwieldy, clunky laptop? Don’t most Chromebook owners want a mobile, easy-to-carry, travel-friendly device? However, after spending some time with this laptop, there is a method to Acer’s madness. There is an audience for the Chromebook 317, and it’s targeted at large-handed folks who are tired of feeling as if they’re typing with thick, meaty sausage links. This laptop is for consumers who live by the “go big or go home” maxim. However, in this case, you’ll have to do both: go big and go home. The Chromebook 317 isn’t particularly travel-friendly, so you’d be better off leaving the laptop stationed in your home office. No, the Chromebook 317 doesn’t have the brightest display, the most powerful processor, nor the longest battery life, but it’s adequate

iPhone SE 2022: Price, release date, features and more

 iPhone SE 2022: Price, release date, features, and more Apple’s annual flagship iPhone launch keeps the rumor mill churning all year round, with the latest iPhone 13 lineup making waves due to a list of small but favorable tweaks. But what about Apple’s other iPhone? The low-budget iPhone SE may not get a yearly update, but that’s what makes the rumored 2022 model all the more exciting. The iPhone SE excels at being the Cupertino tech giant’s powerful, yet affordable smartphone option, even more so than the last-of-its-kind iPhone 13 mini. With a low price, the same A13 Bionic that powers the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and a nostalgic form factor that features the sorely-missed Touch ID, the latest iPhone SE (2020) is Apple’s secret weapon. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have now set the stage for the iPhone SE 2022, hinting at the processor upgrade, 5G connectivity and other modern features found on Apple’s latest flagship phones. However, rumors indicate we may see a new kind of iPhone SE next