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Windows 11 review

 Windows 11 review For the past six years, Windows users have watched on the sidelines as the tech landscape changed at a breakneck pace. All the while, Windows 10 remained largely unchanged. When Microsoft's sporadic "feature updates" did arrive, they were often plagued with bugs, some so damaging the updates were suspended. And yet, despite its rocky path, Windows 10 will go down as a success, a stopgap to the mess its predecessors left behind. It brought back the traditional desktop interface, gave PC owners reliable performance, and popularized touchscreen displays and hybrid 2-in-1 laptops.  But Windows 10 has struggled to stay fresh. Tired interfaces and ancient software plague the operating system used by more than a billion people. This is where Windows 11 comes in. I've been using some version of the OS for the last month or so and spent the past few days with the final product.  Overall, Windows 11 is a step in the right direction. While it won't revolut